Every year I go through all the music that was sent to me and have
to listen to them from first song to last song… and then cross reference my opinion with the thousands hits from you listeners listening to the music of these fine bands and come up with the best of Celtic Rock & Punk releases for of the year!
2011 was an amazing year for many bands throughout the world and somewhat of a let down for a few bands I won’t name who’s releases just fell flat. So,  keep in mind that this whole list are great recordings… and had enough music this year to make a list of 100… so consider this the short list of what you need to get your hands on. If your band is not listed… it’s because you never sent me your music. or it was a good attempt, but just didn’t make it.

01 – A Sign of the Times by SIR REG
02 – The Black Irish by The Mahones
03 – Going Out In Style by Dropkick Murphys
04 – You’ll Not Take Us Alive by The Fisticuffs
05 – The Fighting Jamesons by The Fighting Jamesons
06 – Second City by Hoist the Colors
07 – Wall Of Folk by Fiddler’s Green
08 – Tales From the Wasteland by Smokey Bastard
09 – Heads Or Tails by Wild Colonial Bhoys
10 – Sin Lane by The McGillicuddys
11 – Old Dirt Road by Lexington Field
12 – Never Mind the Bastards-Here is Mr. Irish Bollocks by Mr. Irish Bastard
13 – Tales From The Death Shore by Bastards On Parade
14 – Another Round in Melbourne Town by The Go Set
15 – American Shanty by Scythian
16 – Drunk, Sick, Tired by The Langer’s Ball
17 – Murder the Stout E.P. by Murder The Stout
18 – Coaster by Brick Top Blaggers
19 – Hooker, Hooch & Haberdash by The Galway Hooker Band
20 – High Hope by The Pokes
21 – Jack Flash by Jack Flash
22 – Wanderin’ Life & Times by The Elders
23 – Auld St. Partick by The Bloody Irish Boys
24 – Eistigi by The Larkin and Moran Brothers
25 – The Kessel Run by Birmingham Six


Honorable Mention – These are the bands that put out some kick ass tunes, and we’re looking for more from them in the future:

Not Without A Fight by Bluestack
Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions by The Ramshackle Army
Take a Shot E.P. by The Scally Cap Brats
Thoughts & Dreams of Old Ireland by Blackstairs Rebel

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