Every year I go through all the music that was sent to me and have to listen to them from first song to last song… and then cross reference my opinion with the thousands hits from you listeners listening to the music of these fine bands and come up with the best of Celtic Rock & Punk releases for of the year!

2010 was the year of LIVE albums from Flogging Molly, The Real McKenzies, etc…  I think these albums can sometimes be fun, but a recording will NEVER capture the energy of a live show. Therefore… I left them off for others to list them on their best of lists. So,  keep in mind that this whole list are great recordings… and had enough music this year to make a list of 100… so consider this the short list of what you need to get your hands on. If your band is not listed… it’s because you never sent me your music. or it was a good attempt, but just didn’t make it.

Thanks for all of the bands whom put out all this great music that we have grown to love over the years here at Paddy Rock!


John B.

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