A Sign Of The Times by SIR REG


“A Sign Of The Times”
Heptown Records

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After their stellar self-titled debut , Sir Reg is back with an explosive release of Paddy Rock POWER with “A Sign Of The Times” !!!! Sir Reg has kicked it up to veteran standards on this solid release of some of the most tight musicianship I’ve heard on an album since Flogging Molly put out “Drunken Lullabies”. “A Sign Of The Times” is full of that up-beat Sir Reg sound that will have you bouncing around your home, pub, where ever you may be, raising your pint, and singing along. Although every single track on this release is amazing… here are some that grabbed my attention at first listen: ‘I’ll Leave For New York’ which captures an Irishman and how he lost his job and is struggling in his homeland and how he has to leave his family behind to New York, ‘Far Away’ is a sing-a-long song about the hell that is war with a slower tempo that brings to mind the Fureys and The Dubliners, and some kick the fat cats in the teeth for milking the working class tunes with ‘How The Hell Can You Sleep?’ and ‘This Country‚Äôs For Sale’ which had me raising my fist high and join in with the working-class revolution that is going on right now!! These are anthems for all of us 99% of the world that is sick, tired, frustrated, and wanting change… this release is a sure “Sign Of The Times”!!

FUCKING GREAT RELEASE!!! Pick it up if you want to be blown away with some of the best Celt-Rock in the world! I hope someday they release this on vinyl to add it to my collection with The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Dubliners, and the other greats… hope ya hear that over there in Sweden. Just found out that the album is being released as MP3 download, CD, and as a record. So pick your poison and turn it up loud!!

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Check out them Live here doing their song “Feck The Celtic Tiger”


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