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Some Videos by The Tossers


The Tossers are one of the best, longest running and under appreciated bands in the genre. They are amazingly awesome musicians and great people and are presently on a West Coast tour.  Not that I ever need an a excuse but Continue reading

No Irish Need Apply… Unearthing Duffy’s Cut


Many folks involved with the Celtic and Irish music community are very into history and extremely proud of their roots and heritage. To this point not all the history based around the immigration of Irish Americans coming to the United States is Continue reading

Go West Young Man.. The Tossers to hit the West Coast


Hey everyone on the West Coast are you ready for the storm? I hope so because great times are on the way for you! In their first West Coast tour in nearly 7 years, Chicago based band, The Tossers will be Continue reading

4th Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day Podcast


Yo Ho ! You filthy scurvy riddled seadogs, it be that time of tha yar again for Cap’n Philthy McBastard to make his annual return voyage to the land of the sober! But this year I bring for ye, the Continue reading

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013 – 3rd Annual Soundtrack

Pirate Day #3

Yo Ho Beggars and Miscreants ! If you have found me then you have found your way home..! This be the 3rd annual voyage of the SS Grinning Beggar join me as we set sail to celebrate International Talk Like Continue reading